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EN.VALUE again named as LucaNet Premium Partner

  • Corporate performance management software creates greater transparency
  • EN.VALUE increases overall sales in financial year 2023 by more than 30 %


Freiburg, March 23, 2023. EN.VALUE, the specialist consulting company for all finance topics and processes, has once again been confirmed by LucaNet as a Premium Partner. LucaNet’s specialized corporate performance management software simplifies consolidated financial accounting, financial planning, reporting and data management and provides the transparency surrounding figures that is needed to safely steer companies through economically challenging situations. As a LucaNet Premium Partner, EN.VALUE not only offers customers specialized software, but also works with clients to define processes, key figures and reporting packages and has the ability in close cooperation with LucaNet to implement highly complex requirements.In addition to accounting & payroll, finance advisory and restructuring, LucaNet services is a major component in the service provided by the  Freiburg-based consultancy which in financial year 2022 achieved growth in excess of 30% across all areas of business relative to the year before. 

“We are delighted that our Premium Partner status has been confirmed once again,” as Ulrich Kenk, CEO of EN.VALUE, stated. “We have ranked as a LucaNet Partner since 2016, and a Premium Partner since 2021. In recent years we have introduced the software with great success in numerous customer projects. In some cases this has meant working in close cooperation with colleagues from LucaNet in order to implement even quite exceptional reporting process requirements. In our experience finance departments need two things to provide management at all times with transparency around figures and therefore with a reliable basis for decision-making: the right software tool and efficient finance processes. With EN.VALUE we give them both.”

Strong growth with finance projects for M&A and successions

In financial year 2022, EN.VALUE succeeded in increasing sales across all service business areas in total by more than 30 %. The finance experts profited on the one hand from the increasing trend towards the flexible outsourcing of accounting and payroll services, but also from numerous transactions with SMEs involving the sale of a business or a succession planning solution. In the context of an M&A project, EN.VALUE will, for example, undertake the preparation of carve-out balance sheets and plans, as well as structuring finance processes for the target company, and will also if required established processes for reporting to the new parent company. In recent years EN.VALUE has also successfully positioned itself as a trusted advisor to private equity companies in relation to onboarding new portfolio investments. There is also continuing strong demand for EN.VALUE’s financial expertise in succession-related transactions. 

With a look to financial year 2023, EN.VALUE again expects double-digit sales growth – and is even now continuing to expand its team of experts primarily with the addition of financial advisers and accounting specialists.


EN.VALUE is an independent, specialised consultancy company and professional outsourcing partner for all matters concerning finance and finance processes. Clients include both regional and national companies as well as international players. Its portfolio of services encompasses comprehensive financial and payroll accounting, the preparation of annual accounts, monthly reports and other financial reports in compliance with international accounting standards and in a range of different languages. EN.VALUE optimises commercial processes along the value chain, covers all topics on the CFO agenda with its consultancy services, and supports company transactions and restructurings in its role as a finance specialist. As a LucaNet.Premium Partner, EN.VALUE also offers full service consisting of consultancy, software and implementation in the fields of consolidation, planning and reporting. 

More information: www.en-value.com

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